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Our expertise in unmanned aerial systems (aka drones) enables us to deliver greater efficiencies and significant cost savings to many industries.


What began as the marriage of flight and photography to provide aerial media for real estate and film has since grown to allow us to assist underserved industries like farming and energy.

We don't just have a passion for flying the most advanced UAS technology available; we also love showing everyone how drones can truly make the world a better place.

Sirius Drones for Serious Jobs.

Precision Ag

Precision Ag

PRecision agriculture

Combining the latest in drone technologies with advanced custom analysis algorithms enables real time feedback on plant health.  Quick, actionable data leads to immediate cost savings and greater crop yields.



COmmercial & industrial

Infrastructure inspection, remote sensing, mapping and surveying.  Not only do our unmanned aerial systems save time and dramatically reduce expenses, but application of these autonomous technologies prevents people from risking their own lives to accomplish the same tasks.



Where it all started.  Our subsidiary Ascend Media Productions has been providing aerial photography and cinematography for years.  As a forerunner in drone media, we have supplied our view from above to commercial and residential real estate markets, to international film studios and television networks, and to businesses seeking a new perspective for their marketing campaigns.

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